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Found out how to get Icons working

Hey there guys,

After much research, trial and error, I have succeeded in getting custom icons to work.

Note here, that I am using just what some folks on the internet have suggested. This includes using DosBox to emulate windows 3.1 and running CoTW on there. So credit goes to everybody.

From this point on, some software is necessary, while other MIGHT be necessary. I shall only provide the links to the software.

1.) eXeScope (optional) - I used this as per instruction by the other (got icons to work) topic found in the same thread as this one.

2.) IconTap (required) - Note that this software must be used in Windows 3.1. You can use this software to access .ico files from anywhere, including the ico files inside of an executable. Using it, access a random icon and save it in a file to keep all your icons that is accessible to the windows 3.1 software emulation.

2.) Dr. Bill's Icon editor (required) - If you read the homepage, you'll notice this software is not usable in Windows 3.1 environment. But it IS usable in anything windows 95 or above. i.e. what your using now XD. Aaaaand because your C drive has access to the files you mounted with DosBox, it can access the .ico you saved using IconTap. Remember to make a copy of the .ico file before trying things out now.

Open the correct Dr. Bill's Icon editor (for our purposes we need the 32x32, 4 bit executable). With it, you can open your .ico file and edit it. Notice you only have access to a few color choices. Well, those are the only colors you can use for CoTW to recognize the .ico file. Once your finished, save it and go ahead and play castle of the winds. If you've named everything properly, it should work.


That's correct my fellow CoTW fans, So far this method requires us to create our Icon ourselves. No easy cut and paste. (unless its from an icon or bmg file in Windows 3.1)

Thats all for now. Feel free to ask any questions. And if I find anything else out, Ill keep you all posted. biggrin


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Let me just say thank you to the OP. After trial-and-erroring for hours, I finally managed to get my custom icon to load properly.

I was able to take the ico file I had converted from a gif file I made in photoshop (256 colors, 32x32) and use the Icon Editor program to get rid of the transparency issue I was having. Now I can use the icon straight from the game without even using the eXeScope or IconTap programs. Just make sure to set the compatibility of the game exe itself correctly (Windows 95/98, 256 Colors) and it should work flawlessly.

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